Jayson Fong

Technology Enthusiast
Chief Operating Officer, Interbix Holdings Ltd

Interbix Holdings COO

Maintaining stable operations for Interbix Holdings and its subsidaries.

MWM Ventures Software Engineer

Creating a vast array of solutions for an expanding community of entrepreneurs.

XenoNode Managing Director

Ensuring sustainability and affordability in cloud infrastructure.

What I Do

Providing a vast amount of services centered upon internet infrastructure for our ever so expanding world.


Specializing in PHP, NodeJS, and Python.

System Administration

Managing physical infrastructure to power the cloud. Specializing with popular Linux based operating systems.


Analyzing data in order to produce long-term positive outcomes for businesses of all sizes.

Computer Hardware

Reviving old hardware for reuse with modern technology.

Community Management

Ensuring peace within a increasingly dynamic society.

Basic Translations

Experience with English, Lao, some Thai, and minor Chinese variants.


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  • Residence

    Greater Atlanta Area, United States
  • Correspondence

    120 High Road, East Finchley
    London, N2 9ED
    United Kingdom
  • Email

    [email protected]
  • Phone

    (US) +1 (678) 926-8247
    (GB) +44 (330) 808 0711 Ext. 200
  • Social